• I <3 the Garage

    Check out this awesome video footage from a recent session I lead at the Garage.   I can't tell you how much I've learned from this collective and these people!  If you're interested in joining, don't hesitate to contact them.  Video shot and edited by my friend Steven Chabala.


  • Kylie teaching workshops at the Toronto Dance Teacher Expo

    Kylie teaching workshops at the Toronto Dance Teacher Expo

    Recently the faculty for the Toronto Dance Teacher Expo was announced and I am so thrilled to be part of the inspiring lineup.  Check the website for all scheduling and registration info.  This is HUGE! Can't wait to share with you all.

    I will be teaching two workshops for attendees:

    "Engaging the Creative Dancer" - Improvisation Technique


    "What Goes Up..." - Floorwork Technique

    Save the date teachers! August 8-10th, 2017.

  • Updated Drop-in Schedule

    I wanted to post all in one place my FULL weekly drop-in class schedule, as well as some info on all the classes.

    MONDAYS @ City Dance Corps (489 Queen St. West)

    4-5pm POWER BARRE


    TUESDAYS @ The Underground Dance Centre (220 Richmond St. West)

    4-5pm Intermediate JAZZ CHOREOGRAPHY

    THURSDAYS @ City Dance Corps (489 Queen St. West)

    5-6pm Beginner JAZZ CHOREOGRAPHY

    6-7pm POWER BARRE

    8:30-10pm Beginner CONTEMPORARY

    FRIDAYS @ City Dance Corps (489 Queen St. West)

    2:30-4pm Beginner/Intermediate CONTEMPORARY

    4-5pm POWER BARRE


    SUNDAYS @ Underground Dance Centre (220 Richmond St. West)

    12-1pm Intermediate/Advanced CONTEMPORARY (combo only)



    In this class students will learn to become accustomed to a very grounded and animalistic way of moving.  The class consists of guided improvisational tasks meant to engage the creative side of the dancer, as well as structured and specific sequences exploring various floorwork elements that challenge stamina, core strength, upper and lower body strength.  Expect to sweat and express!  Long pants and clothing to protect the skin is recommended.  Socks or bare feet recommended.

    Jazz Choreography

    In this class we will go through a modern-jazz style  warm up and learn a new piece of choreography each week, style will vary week to week from bluesy-jazz, contemporary jazz, theatre jazz, commercial jazz.

    Power Barre

    Get the dancer’s physique with this intense ballet barre class. A City Dance Corps signature class which has been running since 2001! Strengthen technique, body alignment and tone your entire body, from head to toe. Using upbeat music, this ballet barre class incorporates basic ballet movements and positions to increase your balance and body strength.  Those who take Power Barre, also like Ballet Boot Camp, Pilates for Dancers and FlexibilityAll levels classes. No experience needed.
    (via City Dance Corps website)

    Ballet Bootcamp

    Incorporate Ballet, Yoga and Pilates based movements for a continuous fat burning workout. Feel long, lean and strong.  Using upbeat music, this class will take you through core, balance and toning exercises for an increased fat burning dance class. The use of hand weights are incorporated for an intense port-a-bras and some floor work will get your muscles feeling long and lean. A City Dance Corps signature class which has been running since 2001!  Those who take Ballet Boot Camp also like Power Barre, Flexibility and Stretch & Tone.  No experience needed.  (Via City Dance Corps website).

  • ONE/TWO....SEVENTEEN [winter workshop series]

    ONE/TWO....SEVENTEEN [winter workshop series]

    After a successful pop-up workshop back in December 2016 I decided to host a series of workshops getting a bit more in-depth with the improvisation concepts we touched on in the initial workshop.  Check out the facebook event here.

  • New Creative Video Project - RELEASED!


    Check out my latest creative film project.  So far I haven't explored film as a medium for my work very much, except for in very basic form; straight on, recorded choreography.  This project went a little more in depth conceptually.  This is my interpretation of the Greek Mythological character Narcissus.  The original conception happened when I was asked to create a piece for the Toronto Dance Project, based on the theme of Social Media.  I had always thought about the narcissistic nature of Social Media platforms.  Constantly publishing our thoughts and opinions, photos of ourselves, and seeking gratification and validation through the number of likes and shares we recieve.  I personally feel O.K. about using the internet to promote myself as an artist, share my work and advertise about events, classes and shows.  I do however, feel WEIRD about posting "selfies".  I think its just downright narcisstic.  Here's a picture of my FACE, do you LIKE it?!  How pretty am I?! This is not to say I've never done it.  Yes, I've been sucked in, and yes it feels good when 120 people (heart) the picture of my face.  But that's strange, and I'm not sure I understand it. But I think its just one of many weird aspects of human nature.  We sure are a unique and ego-centric species.  So that's where this piece comes from.  I also wanted to create something to this piece of James Blake music, and it seemed fitting.  I love the simplistic nature of his music, the haunting and dark melodies, and the R&B flavour.

    I hope you enjoy!  Feel free to comment on this topic, like share, etc:P

    Don't forget to join me for Beginner Hiphop and Open Level Contemporary at the Underground Dance Centre, Tuesdays from 12-1pm and 1-2:30pm respectively.  Visit for more information!


  • A Word About My New Work "Versus"

    Tonight I am presenting a new dance work that is inspired by a curiosity of mine that has been lingering for the past few months.  I am excited to share it with you all, it is called "Versus".

    I'd like to touch on the why behind this project.  To publish these words, I think, is something I'll look back and thank myself for.  After watching the film "Half Nelson", I became enthralled with the concept of opposition.  For me a great piece of art, whether it be a film, a painting, a dance piece, or an installation; is one that begs the viewer/consumer to dig a little deeper.  To leave with questions and a strong urge to find out more.  So after listening to Ryan Gosling's character (an inspiring yet drug-addicted high school teacher) speak about themes of opposition to his history students, and feeling like I myself was a student in his class... I began to notice and ponder oppositional occurences in all areas of my life.

    My biggest question is, though opposing forces tend to balance one another out in the end, is one force always going to be slightly stronger?  Is this the case in all dualities?  If I may offer an example, one which I have come back to repeatedly and am still without an answer; Parent vs. Child.  At a certain point throughout the course of this relationship experienced by most living beings, I would argue that both counterparts end up on a "level" playing field.  However I have come to find that a lot of people would argue that the parent is the stronger force.  At this point you may be thinking... And???

    What is the point in this discussion?  I'm really not sure.  I know that dualities do exist, and they exist for a reason.  You cannot have the light of day without first making it through the night.  I recently watched the adorable movie "Inside Out" and the clear message for all of us was that we cannot appreciate joy without enduring sadness and pain.  I can accept that for there to be peace, first comes war.  

    The debate is not settled, however at this point I would argue that no, there is no stronger force.  Here's to pondering a little more and hearing both sides of the story along the way.


  • Kylie to be creating new work for The Garage

    Kylie to be creating new work for The Garage

    I'm very excited to announce that I've just begun rehearsals to create a new work for The Garage Toronto (@theGarageTO), which is a new creative collective based in Toronto.  The collective was founded in 2013 by seven Toronto-based artists, and has quickly grown to include over 30 past and present members.

    From the Garage's website:

    "Founded by seven Toronto-based dance artists in April 2013, The Garage is a new collective and community with a common goal: to support one another in each individual’s artistic exploration and growth. We aim to create a safe, supportive, and healthy environment in which artists of diverse backgrounds can share, learn, research, develop and discuss various skills and ideas. A meeting of minds and bodies, The Garage strives to close the gaps in the Toronto dance community by giving artists the opportunity to connect on an accessible common ground, both inside and out of the studio."

    Save the Date: December 12, 2015... more info to come!!

    Keep moving...


  • New Class Compilation Reel!

    Check it out ya'll.

    Edited by yours truly (I'm getting better at iMovie), here is a compilation of clips from classes I've taught over the past months.  I'm currently booking summer guest workshops, and into the fall as well.  Contact me at to book now! 

    Thanks for watching!


  • See you in August, Toronto!

    See you in August, Toronto!

    I'm so excited to share that I'll be heading to Europe in just under a week!  I've decided to explore some international training so I'll be participating first in a two week creation intensive in Florence, Italy called Opn Flr.   Then I'll head to Vienna for a week of workshops at Impulsetanz .   Along the way and in between we also hope to visit Istanbul, Germany, Finland, and other parts of Italy.  We'll be documenting our trip through pictures and videos - we're even going to post webisodes with dance clips and other fun footage...stay tuned for links :P.

    This won't be my first time in Europe, as I visited for 10 weeks back in 2012, although that time I (somehow) didn't do any dancing.  This summer, I am focusing on my own education and growth as a dancer.  After two years of doing ALOT of teaching, I felt a strong urge to take the majority of the summer off and focus on my own training.

    I'm very excited for what both experiences will have to offer.  I'll be working with internationally renowned choreographers and am very excited to learn more about choreographic process.  There may be language and culture barriers, but I am more than ready to face any challenges put in front of me.

    You can keep up to date with my whereabouts and see pictures and videos from my trip by subscribing to my twitter and instagram, both with the handle @kylienicolet.

  • Raise The Rhythm 2014!

    Raise The Rhythm 2014!

    Raise the Rhythm is a charity dance, music and fashion show in support of the Panov Program, which aims to bring a method of precision chemotherapy from the U.S., to Canada.  My company, Point of View Dance Project is a sponsor for the event and we will also be performing a work in progress piece from our upcoming full-length show.  Go to for more info and ticket information!  October 1st, 8pm at the Danforth Music Hall.


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